Ayakashi Ghost Guild Tips and Tricks for Begginers

Ayakashi Ghost Guild Tips and Tricks for Begginers

Saturday, 9th of March 2013

Ayakashi Ghost Guild is quite an addictive game developed by Zynga which follows the structure of many of their games (for example Mafia Wars is probably the most popular one) but with some trading card game components.

Instead of completing missions to amass an army in order to progress through the quest areas here you are collecting individual daemons that can be skilled individually to gain levels and increased skill levels and which can be combined in groups of up to 5 different cards and battled against another player’s roster.

We’ve put together a few tips that will help you optimize the resources you gain at the start of the game so that you can enjoy a smooth progression through the adventure areas.

  • Attribute points and candies

The first of your attribute points should be invested in expanding your life to 50 points. This is the amount of life points regenerated by the candies that you will find throughout your investigations and you should save those for when you expand your life pool to that amount. If you start burning your candy before you will be wasting a lot of life points and that will slow your questing progression a lot.

  • Don’t forget to battle but be sure that you have your spirit full

Every time you battle your spirit points will be consumed and these take quite a while to regenerate. Therefore you should battle whenever you gain a new level since your spirit will be automatically replenished along with your life points. This will enable you to steal jewels from other players which can be combined in order to receive rewards. Unlike other games of this type, where you can battle a few number of times with the same efficiency, in Ayakashi when you battle the spirit bar will reset to zero so you will have to wait for it to replenish to an amount near the number of defense points the player you want to defeat has in order to have a bigger chance to win. 

Ayakashi Ghost Guild Tips and Tricks for Begginers

Once in a while you can get a 3* daemon from these daily summons. The chance to get them is about 1/10.

Ayakashi Ghost Guild Tips and Tricks for Begginers

But mostly you’ll get plain useless 1* ones which are only good to boost the rest of your roster.

Ayakashi Ghost Guild Tips and Tricks for Begginers

To get good deamons your best bet are sealstones (Try to leave the red ones for last because those are stolen most oftenly).

  • Don’t waste resources enhancing daemons besides your leader until you get a good roster

During the first stages of the game you will find a lot of weak daemons that will be automatically swapped out of your active rosters as you find better ones during your adventure. Therefore you shouldn’t waste resources leveling up such daemons and you should save them to boost your leader (which will be with you from the start to the end of the game). Only when you get your hands on good quality daemons should you start boosting them as well.

Ayakashi Ghost Guild Tips and Tricks for Begginers

Be careful when you try to battle opponents with ridiculously low stats. It seems you can get “fined” for that.

Ayakashi Ghost Guild Tips and Tricks for Begginers

I managed to capture the remaining 2 soulstones at once by fighting two battles with a level up in between (your spirit will replenish after you do).

Ayakashi Ghost Guild Tips and Tricks for Begginers

And this 3* Tengu was the reward (I think 3* daemons are the best you’ll get in this game without spending actual money).

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