Blood Brothers Tips and Tricks for Begginers

Blood Brothers Tips and Tricks for Begginers

Wednesday, 28th of November 2012

I happened to be checking some old posts on my playgroup’s L5R forum when I came across an invite posted by one of my fellow mates for Blood Brothers. I decided to give it a shot and although I find the automated combat, sceneries and map structure a bit tedious the huge amount of familiars you can get, the way their evolution works and the urge to “catch them all” was enough to get me hooked.

If you were a fan of the Pokémon Gameboy games like I was you should definitely give this game a try because the gameplay has a lot of resemblances. I only wish they would have inspired themselves on the actual combat mechanics of those oldies, an automated combat relying on the proc chance of a single trainable skill strikes me as somewhat lazy development. A free roaming map would also be a great addition to the game and maybe categorizing the different familiars into 5 or 6 distinct types that have increased/decreased power against each other would make the actual banding process more challenging to plan.

I decided to write this post in order to share a few tips with those of you that are starting to play so that you can improve your game progress throughout the main adventure areas.

  • Use your map to prioritize shorter routes and combat encounters over treasures!

Throughout the adventure your energy bar gets a refill every time your Warlord levels up so once you hit level 30ish (I managed to play to 32 in one go without running out of energy) and you encounter a crossroad you should always check your map and choose the shortest path to the finish line that enables you the bigger amount of battle encounters in order to fill up your Warlord’s experience bar.

  • Switch your warlord out of your party if he’s close to level up but you still have a lot of energy to spend

Throughout the adventure your energy will replenish itself every time your warlord gains a new level. This means that most of the times you should keep your warlord in your active party so that you can keep your energy high and play continuously without waiting for the energy bar to fill over time. However if your warlord is close to level up and you still have a lot of energy to spend you should try not to waste it. In order to achieve that you can swap your warlord out of your active party so that he stops gaining experience, use the rest of the energy and then swap him back to the active party in order to get the last bit of experience that will enable him to level up and your energy bar to replenish.

  • On PVP battles always fight opponents with no titles and don’t waste 3 morale even if you’re looking at a sure loss.

Once in a while throughout your adventure a PVP battle will pop up, there you will be given a choice to fight one of 3 opponents. Always try to pick an opponent with no titles, low amount of epic characters and smaller number of familiars in his army. Eventually you will come to a point where all 3 opponents will have a title which will grant them a stat boost that is normally enough to beat you, if that happens refrain from wasting 3 morale on an All-Out Attack and just go standard because, even if you lose, you will be able to compensate it with two other fights in the future with the items you spared.

Blood Brothers Tips and Tricks for Begginers

If you’re running Blood Brothers on a low-end phone the loading times can be quite unbearable.

Blood Brothers Tips and Tricks for Begginers

Choose your 4 best familiars for PVP battles and 4 familiars you want to level up to use on the easy PVE encounters.

Blood Brothers Tips and Tricks for Begginers

Opponents with no titles are easily defeated even if they have good familiars.

  • Save your blood meals for groups of 2 or more captives!

Either¬† you try to capture one, two or a bigger group of captives you will only use one blood meal so I advise you not to waste one on a single captive, especially because higher level ones will be progressively harder to nail. Also don’t waste them on common familiars because as you will quickly learn common familiars are nothing but vendor trash and you’re going to get more than enough of those through copper and silver pacts. They aren’t even worth using for Blood Brothering because the skill proc percentage increase they provide is ridiculously small.

  • Don’t waste copper or silver coins, save them for 10 coin blood pacts!

When you do a blood pact you’ll notice that the first few familiars will be common ones, then you get a few uncommon ones and, finally, a rare or epic one, if you’re lucky. From my experience I’ve never got better than common and uncommon familiars doing 1-8 coin pacts hence I consider it a waste of in-game currency. I once got a rare familiar from a 9 coin pact but my advice would be to save your coins for 10 coin pacts because those seem to have a higher chance of landing a rare or epic familiar.

Blood Brothers Tips and Tricks for Begginers

Mandrakes are really rare to come by, you should save them for higher levels and events.

Blood Brothers Tips and Tricks for Begginers

PVP battles provide extra experience needed to level up, if you’re almost dinging and still have energy save them for the start of the next level.

Blood Brothers Tips and Tricks for Begginers

Against opponents with titles the outcome will normally be this one.

  • Events, are they worth it?

Events are special areas that sometimes will be opened by the game developers, they have area maps of their own and bosses which are fought by groups of randomly chosen players. Although these are fun and can eventually provide you with extra rare or even epic familiars (I was lucky enough to get an epic Getz Bristlesteel on my first 10 coin pact at Magma Mine Deeps) they will slow down your adventure progress because you will be earning xp and boosting your level from the encounters on the event area. My advice would be to try to land a fast epic and then continue with the adventure, you’ll have time to deal with events later on.

  • Have some other awesome tips to share with the gaming community?

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