Duel of Champions Codes to Redeem Free Cards

Duel of Champions Codes to Redeem Free Cards

Sunday, 1st of September 2013

Check our updated Duel of Champions Codes, which you can use to Redeem Free Cards below, but first, an introduction to the game:

Duel of Champions is an awesome online trading card game developed by Ubisoft which, unlike other games of this genre, offers really interesting tactical gameplay and countless hours of fun. Still when you’re starting to play you may find it hard to compete with older players which have much more cards and can therefore put together decks that are way more competitive than yours.

To help you close that advantage gap we’re providing you with a collection of free codes that are spread across several forums and websites that will enable you to earn some well necessary cards and currency to buy more later on.

  • Active Codes

2 Heart of Nightmares Packs
(updated on 15.07.2014)

  • Inactive Codes

100 Seals + 1 Premium Pack

(updated on 28.05.2014)

+50% Gold Item

(updated on 28.05.2014)

1 Reinforcement Pack
(updated on 28.05.2014)


Premium Herald of the Void Pack
(updated on 27.12.2013)

2 Premium Packs + 10.000 Gold
(updated on 14.12.2013)

1 Premium Pack + 10.000 Gold
(updated on 07.12.2013)

Alienware Random Generated Code

1 Starter Box (This code is only useable by accounts that are less than 6 hours old)
(updated on 05.12.2013)


1 Herald of the Void Pack

(updated on 26.10.2013)


10.000 Gold + 3 Premium Packs
(updated on 26.10.2013)


1 Xmas Campfire Card
(updated on 26.10.2013)

Penny Arcade Random Generated Code

275 Seals + 3 Reinforcement Packs
(updated on 30.09.2013)

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Also in case any of these codes aren’t working anymore please report them too so we can update the list.

See you in-game, have fun!

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