Fantasica – Helmut’s Bootcamp Walkthrough

Fantasica – Helmut’s Bootcamp Walkthrough

Monday, 24th of June 2013

Fantasica’s Helmut’s Bootcamp will prove hard to beat without this walkthrough. We’ve recently started playing Fantasica and, so far, the most challenging aspect of the game was to conquer this Bootcamp by strategically placing units on three different maps. The placements can be quite tricky and you have to take into careful consideration the skills that each unit at your disposal has in order to maximize damage as well as keeping them within your squad’s range using slows and knockbacks.

On this article we provide you with maps to the three different missions and where you should place your characters in order to swiftly defeat your enemies and conquer this challenge.

  • Easy Mission

The key to winning this mission is Nina and her knockback ability. If you fail the mission Helmut will show you a schematic where he advises you to place Nina at the rightmost edge of the central placement area. We’ve found, however, that this will not be enough to win the mission and that you have to leave a 1 square gap between Nina and the edge in order for her knockback to effectively stop some of the spawns. As for the rest of the characters this particular combination proved successful but ordering the other 4 units in a different fashion may also get the job done.

Fantasica – Helmut’s Bootcamp Walkthrough
  • Medium Mission

To succeed in this mission you have to place your two poison damage units in a way that will allow you to maximize the creep’s exposure to the poison. The units on the lower lane will help slow and knockback the enemies during the middle lane so that they’ll remain in your damage dealer’s range and they will also stop enemy units that manage to sneak down into the lower zone of the path before they slip through your defenses.

To easily place your units start by dropping Diana at the leftmost edge of the central placement area and then place Seth and Cecilia with a 1 space gap between the three. After you get those down you can use them as a reference to get the remaining two units placed correctly.

Fantasica – Helmut’s Bootcamp Walkthrough
  • Hard Mission

This is the trickiest mission because a different gap in the spacing of your units can be sufficient to let one of the creeps slip through your defenses. You should start by placing Yuriya at the rightmost edge of the lower placement lane and then use her as a reference to place the remaining units.

Fantasica – Helmut’s Bootcamp Walkthrough
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