L5R The Coming Storm Card Preview: The Swell of the Storm

L5R The Coming Storm Card Preview: The Swell of the Storm

Saturday, 10th of May 2014

As the first Legend of the Five Rings – Ivory Edition expansion being released after the base set, “The Coming Storm” provides players with the necessary cards to start specializing and fine tuning their decks while balancing the environment. From what we’ve seen so far there are a lot of cards that will definitely see play and this awesome water spell will most likely be one of them.

L5R - The Swell of the Storm - The Coming Storm

In the attachment heavy environment of Ivory Edition, “The Swell of the Storm” provides shugenjas in general (and water shugenjas in particular) with yet another tool to deal with most of the followers out there as well as any other pesky spell or item. A card that, we believe, will certainly prove invaluable when sparing one of your personalities from a grotesque demise by an occasional poison dipped arrow tip or bloodied knuckled fist alike.

We really love the illustration on this card by Jason Behnke, an artist which has a very unique style and approach to illustrating L5R cards often drawing back from a hyperrealistic figurative approach and enveloping his characters in mist, merging them with mysterious backgrounds that come alive and embrace them in beautiful artwork pieces. You can check some other cards illustrated by Jason here.

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