L5R Ivory Edition Card Previews: Medium Cavalry & Secluded Outpost

L5R Ivory Edition Card Previews: Medium Cavalry & Secluded Outpost

Thursday, 26th of December 2013

We’re really excited to present our first L5R Previews for Ivory Edition, a blank cavalry follower brought back to life from the earliest editions of Legend of the Five Rings entitled “Medium Cavalry” and also “Secluded Outpost”, a holding released in Celestial Edition that provides you with 4 gold to attach an item from your hand to a target personality when it is recruited from one of your provinces.

As a Unicorn player I’m really happy to see another cheap cavalry follower in the form of Medium Cavalry following the reprint of Chagatai’s Legion. This is a follower that despite not having any printed abilities is the perfect addition to any fast early arc cavalry based deck fitting perfectly with both Secluded Outpost and Colonial Temple‘s abilities.

Medium Cavalry was introduced in Pre-Imperial, saw its last appearance in Gold Edition and is now being brought back to life in this MRP version with 3 force and 4 gold unlike its less powerful but more costly version.

L5R Ivory Edition Card Previews: Medium Cavalry & Secluded Outpost

Secluded Outpost is a great holding that can work especially well with the B-side of The Fruitful Port of the Mantis which enables it to actually see play on the first turn by burning the extra 2 gold it provides once per game. Having 8 gold available on the second turn plus an extra 4 gold for an attachment seems like a great starting point for a brutal military deck on the slower paced Ivory environment.

As for the rest of the clans they will have to consider its inclusion more carefully due to turn 1 dead flips now that you can only refill your provinces once (except for Unicorn’s B-side) but at least 1 or 2 should see play on every attachment based deck.

Below you can see the older versions of the two cards:

L5R Ivory Edition Card Previews: Medium Cavalry & Secluded Outpost

With the end of the Ivory Edition previews just a few weeks away we can’t wait to start experiencing the changes the game is undergoing with this new arc. We’d like to invite you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel where we’ll be posting unboxings of L5R Ivory Edition products as they reach our hands, also follow us at our Facebook Page to keep up with other L5R related news.

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