Magic the Gathering Standard Pauper, a cheap way to return to MTG

Magic the Gathering Standard Pauper, a cheap way to return to MTG

Saturday, 2nd of November 2013

Want to know how to play Magic the Gathering (MTG) cheap and use your old cards in the process? Read about MTG Standard Pauper below.

Where it comes to Trading Card Games I believe there’s not a single person out there that didn’t begin his/her journey by playing Magic, the Gathering. There are actually other TCGs that started around the same time as MTG and Legend of the 5 Rings, which I’m 99.9% dedicated to these days, was one of them but still none of them managed to grow so fast and become as popular as MTG due to its simple concept, its easy to learn rules and the massive amount of marketing, tournaments and prize money involved.

Eventually I developed a love-hate relationship with the ultra competitive environment that surrounded MTG and that was the main reason why I stopped playing the game after Urza’s cycle, that and the huge amount of money one had to throw at the game in order to get the cards necessary to develop a competitive deck. It all started being less about having fun and more about spending and earning money through the game which really lowered the sportsmanship aspect of it and turned some matches into horrible experiences with really obnoxious players.

That put I decided to quit MTG after not having spent that much money on it (which proved to be a wise decision) and only a few years later decided to step back into the TCG arena by playing L5R with a tight knit group of older players (many of which had quit MTG for similar reasons to mine) that exclude the competitive aspect of the game all together and gather mostly to have some good laughs with the game serving, sometimes, mostly as a pretext for getting together rather than being it’s focal point.

Despite my devotion to L5R, my MTG cards have always been stored religiously over the course of the years (even though they have little to none commercial value and I’ve sold most of them that had) and from times to times I’ve actually picked them up to play a few matches with the guy that introduced me to the game back in the 1990s with our old 4th-5th edition decks.

I was, therefore, really excited to learn about the Pauper format that, from what I could gather, grew out of the Magic Online PC game. In this format players are restricted to building decks with only cards that are or once were edited as commons. Due to this the format is much cheaper to play (most of the actual printed cards sell for 20 cents or less), there are less overpowered cards and the game is much more streamlined and simple. I was also amazed to know that there’s a local store in my area that holds regular Pauper tournaments at Sundays with a very low entry fee and that there are normally 10+ players that attend to them. That’s the really cool thing about MTG, even a relatively new and seemingly weird format as this one immediately has players interested in it and attending events.

I’ve been trying some pre-constructed decks posted by players online and some of the archetypes are really fun to play with, I’m now trying to decide which one I’ll invest on (You can get some complete decks for under 10€) and start playing some matches for fun. Don’t know if I’ll actually enter any tournaments but even if it comes down to playing between me and my friend we’ll be sure to have some nostalgic fun playing Pauper (especially because it includes some cards we used to play way back in the day).

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