Automate your Gaming with AutoClickExtreme

Automate your Gaming with AutoClickExtreme

Saturday, 9th of March 2013

When I was writing the article about Using Bluestacks to run Blood Brothers on the PC I eventually came to wonder if it would be possible to actually have the game playing itself by using an external auto clicking software. Blood Brothers and other similarly structured games have really tedious grinding parts which can turn the game into quite a chore and I wanted to get that over with so I could focus on the fun, interesting bits.

After some research I found this fantastic software named AutoClickExtreme developed by Denis Safonov which has exactly what I was looking for: auto clicking based on image recognition. This gives you the ability to actually search your screen for any predefined images and click on them as they show up on the screen independently of the coordinates in which they pop up.

Blood Brothers should be especially easy to macro because of the game’s structure but any other strategy or turn-based game in which reaction speed isn’t a factor should prove fairly easy to automate. For example games based on Mafia Wars click-to-quest archetype and puzzle games.

I gave Blood Brothers a shot and managed to create an adventuring script to automatically drive your character through any route from the start of the map to the finish line (of course the script doesn’t have the power to optimize the route you take, it will simply use the first one available). The script will also engage in battles every time they pop up (it doesn’t choose your opponents, it will simply battle the first one that shows on the screen so you might end up losing a lot of battles, I still think it pays off). Keep in mind that you still have to change adventure chapters manually since it would be too much trouble to make it click all the different area icons.

Automate your Gaming with AutoClickExtreme

You can download the finished script here and the AutoClickExtreme trial in order to give it a go. You will probably need to re-capture all of the different images depending on your screen resolution and other graphical settings.

Finally you should be aware that most gaming companies frown upon players using any type of external automation software so neither me nor the software developer will be held responsible if your game account gets suspended or you run into any kind of legal trouble. This guide is for educational purposes only.

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